H.M.S. Fair Rosamond Service History

    1. Courtesy of Paul Benyon

    2. Ex-slaver Dos Amigos, captured by the Black Joke, tender to the Dryad, this "beautiful" schooner was purchased into the service.

      19 Jul 1831 Fair Rosamond tender to the Dryad : seized and condemned the Spanish schooner El Potosi for illicitly trafficking in slaves.

      Sep 1831 Fair Rosamond tender to the Dryad on the Coast of West Africa. Captured a lugger with 106 slaves on board ; and with the Black Joke chased 2 Spanish slavers into the River Bonny, the Regulus and the Rapido, who are said to have thrown some of their slaves overboard. Both vessels have been taken to Sierra Leone and condemned.

      Portsmouth 25 Jul 1832 Arrived from the coast of Africa.

      Portsmouth 4 Aug 1832 has been brought in from Spithead and is being dismantled in preparation for being laid up in Ordinary.

      Portsmouth 31 May 1833 Commissioned and to prepare for service on the coast of Africa.

      Portsmouth 5 Jun 1833 Undocked and taken into the basin to receive her masts.

      Portsmouth 8 Jun - 6 Jul 1833 Fitting out in Harbour.

      Portsmouth 9 Jul 1833 Has gone out of the harbour to Spithead.

      Portsmouth 10 Jul 1833 Sailed for Oporto & Lisbon.

      Lisbon 20 Aug 1833 Sailed for Sierra Leone.

      1 Jan 1834 On the Cape of Good Hope and Coast of Africa Station.

      Ascension 2 Apr 1834 Is reported to have recently sailed for the Bight of Benin.

      Gambia 6 Jun 1834 Reported to be in the Bight of Benin.

      Sierra Leone circa 12 Oct 1834 Has arrived with a prize, with 350 slaves on board.

      Sierra Leone 28 Feb 1835 is reported to have been detached from the West Coast of Africa to Ascension for provisions : midshipman James Miller and four seamen were invalided to England in the Hibernia.

      28 Jan 1836 seized slave vessel Esplarader.

      10 Mar 1836 seized slave vessel Mariposa.

      Sierra Leone 28 Mar 1836 reported to be in the Bights on the West Coast of Africa.

      21 Nov 1836 captured the slave vessel San Nicolas.

      2 Dec 1836 captured the slave vessel Experimento.

      27 Dec 1836 captured the slave vessel Lerhuquino.

      Portsmouth circa 11 Feb 1837 arrived from the Coast of Africa (1 Dec), Ascension (1 Jan).

      Portsmouth 8 Apr 1837 was commissioned on Thursday for service on the Coast of Africa. The following officers have been appointed to her : Lieutenant RW Oliver ; Second Master RG Willes ; Clerk in Charge GR Cole.

      Portsmouth 2 Jun 1837 at Spithead.

      23 Sep 1837 captured the slave vessel Veloz.

      13 Jul 1838 captured the slave vessel Felis.

      25 Jun 1839 captured the Portuguese slave vessels Pemba d'Africa and Sedoan Tarde

      4-5 Sep 1839 captured the Brazilian slave barque Augusto

      5 Sep 1840 Portsmouth may be expected to arrive at Spithead, from the coast of Africa hourly.

      17 Sep 1840 Portsmouth arrived Spithead from the coast of Africa. She came into harbour yesterday, and is dismantling. She is ordered to be surveyed with a view to ascertain her defects, and is to be paid off. She has been absent from England three years and four months during which period she has captured nine vessels, of which one was cleared and the remaining eight condemned. Of those who quitted England and have returned in her, her Commander Lieutenant Oliver is the only officer, with eleven seamen and boys, and one marine ; and of her complement of 40, officers inclusive, she has lost by death three officers and eleven men, being more than a third ; the remainder, who invalided, had all suffered severely from climate and returned with broken constitutions. She left the Cape of Good Hope, 21 May ; St. Helena, 8 Jun ; Ascension 2 Jul ; Prince's Island, 24th ; Sierra Leone, 6 Aug., and passed to the eastward of the island of Flores on the 24th, since which she has experienced a continuation of calms and easterly winds until the 13th inst., when she got a heavy gale N. W., with which she ran to the entrance of the Channel, and up Channel, passing numerous vessels steering the same way. The small-pox broke out on board after quitting the Cape, which caused her delay at Ascension of a month, on which island she has left, labouring under the disease, two whites of her crew, and 12 black, supernumerary kromen, (sic) left at the Cape by ships gone to China.

      3 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, was paid off last Wednesday, when the crew were sent away on leave ; on their return, a portion of them will join the Excellent, and the remainder the Queen. John Read, boatswain's mate of the Fair Rosamond, has been awarded a medal, a £15 gratuity, and a pension of £38 8s. for 23 years' service, 17 of which he was petty officer.

      13 Oct 1840 Mate James Charles Clark, late Fair Rosamond ; qualified for Lieutenant at the RN College.

      27 Nov 1840 Carpenter William Kingdom, carpenter's mate of the Queen, and Robert Hall, carpenter's mate of Fair Rosamond, have been promoted to acting carpenters, and appointed to be borne in the Victory.

      6 Mar 1841 Portsmouth, was undocked.

      5 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, taken out of the basin.

      10 Apr 1841, Lieutenant A. G. Bulman, appointed to the Fair Rosamond, about to be commissioned at Portsmouth.

      17 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, was commissioned by Lieutenant A. G. Bulman.

      17 Apr 1841, Second Master Joshua Whiting (acting) ; Clerk E. S. F. Chessman, Clerk in Charge, appointed to the Fair Rosamond;

      24 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, having recently been commissioned, and manned in a few days after hoisting her pendants : the prospects of a warm weather and chance of prize money being great inducements to the blue jackets. The Avon arrived from Liverpool and Bristol, with newly raised men for the ships recently commissioned at Portsmouth.

      29 Apr 1841, Mate E. J. Voules. appointed to the Fair Rosamond;

      1 May 1841 Portsmouth, fitting for the coast of Africa.

      8 May 1841, Assistant-Surgeon Alexander Scott, appointed to the Fair Rosamond.

      12 Jun 1841 Portsmouth, she was mustered and inspected this morning by the Flag Captain.

      12 Jun 1841, Second Masters J. M. Willis, appointed to the Fair Rosamond ,

      14 Jun 1841 Portsmouth, went out to Spithead.

      18 Jun 1841 Portsmouth, sailed for the coast of Africa.

      18 Jun 1841, Mate W. D. Carroll, appointed to the Royal George, vice Voules, appointed to the Fair Rosamond.